Moonlite Seaside Town

Where the moon and the sea meet

Also called 'Moonside' for short, the town of Moonlite Seaside is a coastal settlement to the far south of Isiaste Great Island, 400km from the capital. Due to its privileged geographic position, Moonside has one of the longest moonlit nights in the world, being illuminated by both moons, Enora and Delkroma, at times.

City Information

46.827 kmĀ²
11 257

A Spooky Place

Made famous by the ghost stories surrounding the town, Moonside attracts "spookurious" people from all around the world!

A holiday festival dedicated to this folklore is held four times a year, near the end each solar arc epoch.

On the Edge

Besides being a coastal city, Moonside has a unusual elevation throughout its territory, most of its coastline is filled with steep downard cliffs.

Pumpkin Festival

During the holidays, residents decorate the city with pumpkins and prepare homemade candy to be distributed to the townspeople.

There are also social gatherings with street performers, music, and more.

Moon Candy
A delicacy from the region. Moonlite Seaside is known for its unique candymaking techniques.

Only in Moonside

Chunks of coal mined around Moonside. The furnaces that heat the entire town burn tons of these during cold winters.

Blazing Ember
The coal found in Moonside is not ordinary coal. When set on fire, it burns for way longer than usual. It's like witchcraft!

Finding yourself

Navigating Moonside might be tricky, always refer to this map if you ever find yourself unsure of your current whereabouts.

Managing your "Mooney"

Puns aside, your finances are a important part of your visit to Moonside. Always keep one eye on your wallet, if you run out of money you'll have to sell candies to fund your return to your hometown.

You can use either of these in Moonlite Seaside as money:

EV Tokens
Accepted as fiat money only during festivities. Some estabilishments will exchange them for candy or coal.

Rubine Gems
Currency accepted through the entire Amarok territory and neigbouring countries. No shopkeeper of this world would refuse taking them.

Getting Around the Town

It is easy to get lost with so many things to do here. Here's a quick guide of the various activities that you can do during your stay in Moonlite Seaside.

Candy Collecting


Put on your best spooky costume and go around the town to get as much candy as you can! The quality of the candy depends on how well heated the local furnace is.

Visit the Candymaking Witches


You can engage in candymaking yourself, it might be a little tough in the beginning, but it's worth a try! Find one of the local Moon Witches and talk to them, they are the ones who hold the secrets of the true Moon Candy recipe!

Explore the Surroundings


The outskirts of Moonlite Seaside present much to be explored. From mountains to forests, several caverns and trails to explore, you can never have enough of it! When venturing out during wintertime, always carry provisions with you. Who knows what the wilderness holds for you.

Other Activities

Contribute to the Town Furnace


The Town Furnace is what keeps everything warm for the festivities, the more you contribute, the more candy everyone will get!

Help out with Coal gathering


Carts full of Coal lie around the town, you can grab some to deliver to the Town Furnace or warm yourself in your journeys.

Visiting the Thermostat


Check up how the temperature is doing, if it's too cold the furnace can break and seriously harm the distribution of candy.

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